Good governance is at the heart of delivering educational excellence.  The Trusts three-tier structure was established following a review of governance in 2018.  The revised structure address the key governance challenges faced by the Trust.  The string focus on collaboration within The Adelaide Academy Trust gives rise to the learning and sharing of good practice and this is extended to include governance.  The Adelaide Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Our Structure is as follows:

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Academy Council/Strategic Improvement Board


The Members are akin to the ‘shareholders’ in a company and they are responsible for strategic oversight.      There is only one body of Members irrespective of the number of individual academies.

Our Members are:

  • Mr Jeff Welch (Chair of Members) 
  • Mr Dave Parr 
  • Mrs Jane Booth
  • Mrs Sarah Burns 
  • Vacancy


The Board of Trustees is the legal governing board of every academy in The Adelaide Academy Trust.   Comprised of volunteer professionals chosen for their extensive experience in the education, charity and private sectors the Board of Trustees is ultimately accountable for the performance of the Trust.  Trustees agree the strategy for the Trust and monitor its implementation.  The Board also approved policies, budgets and future plans.

In practice, many of these powers are delegated to other governance structures and executive leaders.             The Board challenges and holds the executive – team to account for the educational and financial performance of the Trust.  Rigorous monitoring provides high-quality information about our academies, which supports effective decision-making at all levels of governance.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of the following:

  • Mr Dave Parr (Chair of Trustees) 
  • Mrs Margaret Cheshire (Vice Chair for Curriculum) 
  • Mr Dan Pascal (Vice Chair for Business) 
  • Mrs Sarah Martin 
  • Mr Dave Smith 
  • Mrs Elaine Haver 
  • Mrs Sara Harper 
  • Mrs Pam Kilham 
  • Mrs Sarah Burns
  • Vacancy
  • Vacancy

Academy Council

Each academy has an Academy Council.  An advisory structure, Academy Council provide essential links between academies, parents, students, staff and communities.  They focus on distinct areas where a local presence and knowledge is essential

Our boards consist of the following:

Adelaide School Academy Council

Mr Jeff Welch (Chair) 

Miss Sarah Barlow (Headteacher) 

Mrs Michelle Sharp (parent) 

Mr Gary Whitehall (parent) 

Mr Brian Mather

Mrs Anne-Marie McBlain 

Mrs Denise Compton (staff representative)




Adelaide Heath Academy Strategic Improvement Board

Ms Alison Ashley (Chair) 

Mrs Sarah Martin 

Mr David Parr 

Mr Brian Mather 

Mr Jeff Welch 

Mr Lloyd Willday 

Mr Steve Pointer

Mrs Gemma Bailey 


Finch Woods Academy

Mrs Lorraine Partington (Chair) 

Mrs Carol Seller (Parent) 

Mrs Rachael Hitchman (Staff) 

Mr Tony Hayes 

Mr Michael Harvey 

Miss Laura Dickinson (Headteacher) 

Miss Sarah Barlow 

Mr John McKune